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Robin Flynn


Robin is a juried Master Artisan of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  She is a glass artist who creates artwork that is both functional and decorative.   She is a graduate of Drexel University’s Nesbitt College of Design.


She employs various techniques to achieve her goal by selecting raw glass in various colors and forms and combining them so they complement each other and in some cases chemically react to create new colors or combinations.


The cutting tools she employs range from simple hand held glasscutters to strip cutting jigs, circle cutters and various tools that allow cut edges and shapes to be refined.


The heating tools include various kilns for traditional fusing and slumping as well as a vitrigraph kiln to allow formation of stringers of molten glass.  In addition to the kilns she also uses a torch, allowing her to flame work components of the finished piece.


Cold working tools used to create her glass art work include table saws, ring saws, wet belt sanders, diamond wheels and a lapping station as well as an assortment of hand tools and abrasives. 


Inherent to the processes she uses in the creation of her art is a high degree of handwork.  At each stage she inspects and refines the piece to insure it is to her standards and expectations.

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